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Cockpit365 brings together your tools and business processes - Amazingly easy

Cockpit365 brings together your tools and business processes - Amazingly easy

What is Cockpit365 What is Cockpit365

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Get Ready to automate Tools and Processes

Successful companies use several tools for solving their business problems. Each tool has a specific focus - but it is acting more or less independently. Like an airplane. Flying people and goods to their destination, that's the purpose of a plane. When traveling it is normal to change planes and continue your journey. If you would like to continue your digital journey switching tools means duplicating data.

Reliable and Secure Process Flow

Process Execution like Airports

Your company can execute processes like an airport. Tools are similar to airplanes, data is similar to passengers. At several gates different kind of data is arriving. For every piece a decision needs to be made what to do with it. You either process, forward or ignore it. Cockpit365 helps you focus on the important work.

Process Health and Metrics

Keep track of your Processes

Cockpit365 uses BPMN 2.0 to model and execute your Business Processes. Start modeling your process landscape and then go into the execution details. Everything in BPMN 2.0 - a global standard. As Cockpit365 integrates a process engine the processes can be executed immediately. a Process Engine.

Business Process Alignment

Eliminate Copy and Paste Errors

Ensure customer satisfaction by eliminating problems resulting from Copy-Paste between tools. Cockpit365 takes the burden of maintaining several systems by connecting data and keeping everything in sync. Fully customizable, transparent and flexible.

Tool Integration Wizard

Connect your Tools in minutes

Integrate your existing tools with a single wizard. All configuration is done automatically including Item Types, Custom Fields, Mappings etc. Start customizing your individual business rules right away and experience how processes and tools can interact.

Cross Tool Reporting

Analyze and Visualize your Data

When will we finish a project? What has happened in the past few weeks? What kind of problems occured? The answers to these questions are stored in various tools. Getting these answers repeatedly is costly and time consuming. Cockpit365 resolves this problem by collecting the relevant data, analyzing and sumarzing it.

Mobile App

Cockpit365 in Your Pocket

The Cockpit365 Mobile App is your gate to your corporate information terminal. Keep track of your projects and processes. Continuously interact with your tools and processes and get instant notifications for important events.

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